Summertime Meal Planning

For the next few weeks, we’ll be jumping from crazy to crazy and back again to crazy as we get through the packing process, the cross-country roadtrip, two weeks crammed in a single bedroom corporate apartment, and finally unpacking inside our new home. Needless to say, I’ll be giving myself a total pass on cooking, for… [read more]

A Treat for Mom: Raspberry Cream

Looking for a fun Mother’s Day brunch idea?  This is one of my favorite breakfast/brunch treats, chocolate crepes.  You can view recipes and tips for making crepes–and my favorite buttermilk syrup–here. Today I want to share a simple variation of chocolate crepes. The combination of fresh berries and chocolate is one of my favorites.  And… [read more]

International Food Fun: Shrimp Tikka Masala

It’s time for another addition of International Food Fun! By the end of last summer, I was in a really deep rut when it came to meal planning.  I was cooking the same old stuff that I knew the majority of the family would eat, and it was getting boring.  I challenged myself to try… [read more]

Chocolate Crepes with Buttermilk Syrup

Are you planning an Easter brunch this year?  Here’s one of my family’s favorite breakfast treats. Few things are better together than chocolate and berries.  One of the only things that can improve upon that combination is a drizzle of rich, creamy buttermilk sauce.  The base of this decadent brunch treat is the crepes.  Don’t… [read more]

Eat Cookies for CHD Awareness Week

Hi, Everyone!  I’m not sure what the appropriate salutation is during CHD Awareness Week…Happy CHD Week?…Merry Awareness Week?…Froliche Herz?…L’Chaim? L’Chaim it is!  Which–if you’ve seen Fiddler on the Roof as many times as I have–you know means “to life!”  And promoting life is really what Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week is all about. Tricky foreign language… [read more]

5 Ways to Enjoy Hot Chocolate at Infarrantly Creative

I write the “5 Ways Saturdays” posts at Infarrantly Creative.  My mouth watered the whole time I was researching and writing this week’s 5 Ways to Enjoy a Cup of Hot Chocolate.  Yum! Image Credit:   A Taste of Koko

Tender Mercies, Ice Cream Edition

I am the first to admit that frozen dairy products are a weakness of mine.  Especially if they start with a Coldstone and end with a Creamery.  And even more especially if they are homemade by my dad, brother, or mother-in-law.  This is why I had to move across the country.  Because I have no… [read more]

International Food Fun – Week 2

I embarked on Week 2 of my goal to fix something new! interesting! exciting! international! for dinner with high hopes.  Not only was I planning to make something I’d never made before, it’s origins were going to be completely exotic.  To top it all off, it was going to be incredibly healthy–no frying involved.  Hold… [read more]

International Food Fun – Week 1

With the beginning of a new school year, I have challenged myself to fix one new or unusual food for my family to try each week.  I decided to raise the stakes a little higher and make that new food some kind of international dish.  We have some picky eaters at our house, so I admit… [read more]

Fresh from the Garden

Our garden got a late start this year.  Luckily, we have a friend who willingly shared the bounty of his garden.  He delivered a bag of fresh vegetables.