About a Trip to Holland

I'm a part-time freelance writer and social media manager, but my full time job is being a mother to some pretty incredible kids. We've had some pretty challenging experiences together as we live with the challenges of congenital heart defects and mitochondrial disease. Read on if you'd like to know more.

Stories wanted for The Faces of CHD 2014

Do you have a child with a congenital heart defect?  Are you an adult survivor of congenital heart disease?  Please share your story with the Pinterest community at The Faces of CHD Pinterest Awareness board.  Your participation will help to promote awareness of the most common of all birth defects. You don’t need to have… [read more]

How to Participate in The Faces of CHD 2014

This year, Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week will be February 7-14, 2014. We had such an enthusiastic response two years ago to the first CHD Awareness Pinterest board. I decided to create an updated board annually each year in time for CHD week. Here’s how you can participate. (Please note that a few of the… [read more]

Life in Holland Day 23: Birthday

Hellooooooo…um, I kinda fell of the 31 Days wagon.  But it’s my wagon, so I’m back on, and I might drive it backwards into the past and drop off a few posts along the way.  Today, though, is super special at our house, so I wanted to get this post up on time! Ten years… [read more]

Life in Holland Day 11: Pushing for Progress

Yesterday I wrote about Superkid’s nosebleeds, and one of the slightly hilarious ways we learned to stop them.  Well, today I’m going to tell you about how we were able to actually prevent the nosebleeds from happening.  I wrote the nosebleed post two years ago, during a time where Superkid was experiencing nosebleeds on a… [read more]

Life in Holland Day 10: File This in Things You Don’t Think Will Work But They Do

I wrote about Superkid’s nosebleeds a couple of years ago. At the time, she was having frequent nosebleeds. Today, I’m sharing that post again because it includes a crazy little tip for stopping nosebleeds. If you have a child that is prone to nosebleeds, it’s definitely worth a try! We were eventually able to get… [read more]

Life in Holland Day 8: Mr. Rogers Said it Best

When I was a little girl, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was one of the shows I was allowed to watch on TV.  I didn’t realize what a gem of a man Mr. Rogers was until I had children of my own, and saw many of the episodes I’d seen as a child through adult eyes.  Mr.… [read more]

Life in Holland Day 7: All the Best Halloween Costumes Include Feeding Tubes

It’s Day 7 of the challenge.  Like, the last hour of Day 7.  But I’m going to make this deadline!  Today, a look at how extraordinary life in Holland can be….especially in October.   It was mid-October 2007.  Lily was exactly three months old and had been home from the hospital for less than one… [read more]

Life in Holland Day 6: Infinitely More

I’ve had some experiences this weekend that have given me lots of food for thought.  I’m still chewing, swallowing, and trying to digest all of it.  I started trying to write some of it down, but I can tell that I need more time to put my thoughts into words.  In the meantime….   …here’s… [read more]

Life in Holland Day 5: What It Means to Be an ADVOCATE

Today, I decided to share something with you that I wrote several years ago.  One of my sisters read this back then and she reminds me of it sometimes when I’m worrying about something going on with my children.  “You can do this!”  she’ll tell me, “You know how to be an advocate!”  It’s a… [read more]

Life in Holland Day 4: Picking Doctors

It’s Day 4 of the 31 Day Blogging Challenge I’m participating in, and I’d just like to let you know–in case you were wondering about my level of organization around here–that I’m just writing what comes to me each day.  I figured it was the only way I’d survive this and keep going, if I gave… [read more]