Archives for January 27, 2012

A Special Visit from Some of the Faces of CHD

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who has shown their support and encouragement for The Faces of Congenital Heart Disease Awareness board on Pinterest.  Stefenie, Becca, and I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response.  We went from just under 100 followers of the board on the day of it’s creation to more… [read more]

Using Pinterest to Advocate Awareness

If you only know me from my work as a virtual assistant, writer, and web designer, you may not know that I am also the mother of four children–two of them with congenital heart defects.  As you can imagine, that gives me a vested interest in bringing awareness to the devastating effects of CHDs, as… [read more]

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Last spring, I found some decorative mirrors on deep discount at our local hardware store.  I wanted one.  I wanted to put it right above our mantel.  Bionic Man convinced me not to buy one until after we had painted the living room. Well, guess what, Bionic Man?  We painted the living room.  Seems to… [read more]